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Welcome to World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group®!

World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group® under the auspices of World Fashion Organization® is a grand and sole licensor of any and all trade and service marks of World Fashion Organization® brands, at the same time being a global manager for those facilities to such extent as the exclusively authorized supplier, planner, developer and merchandiser. World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group®'s brand portfolios range from World Fashion Club®, World Fashion Hotel®, World Fashion Galleria®, World Fashion Residence®, World Fashion City® up to Miss World Fashion Pageant®, World Fashion Olympiad® and many more.

Through extensive worldwide network of World Fashion Organization® and International Trade Organization®, World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group® in cooperation with its partners fills World Fashion Facilities such as World Fashion Club®, World Fashion Galleria® etc. with exclusive top brands from leading fashion events around the globe for limited consumption and top brands of many other world-renowned fashion designers for ass consumption, promote emerging designers to international markets, provide content, i.e. all kinds of goods and services, for World Fashion City® when constructed, provide variety of state-of-the-art Affinity Services including but not limited to the trade-on-fashion financing platform, on-line sales through World Fashion Mart, World Fashion TV, World Fashion Tourism, World Fashion University and many others.

We are widely open to prospective partners who are leaders in fashion, trade, tourism, finance, investment and all related business directions. Cordially invite you to go hand in hand in the world of grand global projects with brand-new approaches. If you want to make your business far and away stronger and diverse, increase cross-border opportunities and network we are to move forward together!

In loving memory of

Hon. Volodymyr Zaplatynsky